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Offerings & Approach

Offerings & Approach

"The strength, we possess in servicing our client is based on our core-competencies."

Nimbletech Chorp offers a broad range of business solutions and technology services to help clients in achieving their business goals. We believe in value creation with primary focus on harnessing intellectual resources to get the maximum value out of IT spending. Tanisha Systems is a team of Bright People with Right Skills to create Brilliant Solutions for our clients.

Our Offerings

Whether you are searching for outsourcing a project, or to meet a specific IT service needs, Nimbletech Chorp can assist you. Our clients enjoy a true partnership, total professionalism and excellent customer support supported by our proven track record of success. Offerings & Approachs

Our Approach

Our expertise in our core areas is based on an understanding and experience of the highest accepted industry standards. We regard the discipline of writing software as an engineering science and accordingly have developed a structured methodology for developing elegant solutions to the most convoluted problems. Here’s a summarization of our approach in writing custom software and servicing our clients.

Our core values at work

Nimbletech Chorp values are the building blocks of our vibrant global work culture. Our culture has developed from our core values. It inspires our behavior, relationships, and business decisions.

Solutions methodology along the custom development cycle

Business and technological processes outlive themselves as soon as a more agile competitor enters the market, or a non-tariff barrier is imposed or when the channel delivery mechanism undergoes a cataclysmic transformation. How do you react? Sometimes the business process, on other times the technological solution while at times both of these become the biggest hindrances in achieving organizational objectives. An outdated process or an obsolete technology could be the biggest threat in your company’s growth. Our dual focus on Technology Solutions & Business Processes gives us a unique advantage in getting you the maximum return of your investment.

Custom Development Approach

Firmly grounded in solid empirical evidence is the belief that process standardization makes Custom Development less complicated. We take this approach as a gospel and are constantly reviewing, evaluating, benchmarking and innovating our development processes to take on the challenges thrown by the continually changing business environment. Based on the domain of software solutions, we utilize different sets of methodologies so as to conform to the best practices in the specific vertical.

Requirements Engineering

The alignment of business processes with technological solutions is the primary focus during the initial stage of solutions development. Majority of projects fails because of poorly defined requirements. We create a team with a mix of business and IT professional to define clear requirement and set right expectation. Our predefined process helps customer to quickly customize process, tools and templates that is specific to their needs and make the process easy and not complex for the business users. If the underlying processes are not streamlined, then our focus shifts towards highlighting the inefficiencies and making recommendations to remove them.

Defining Enterprise Architecture

We believe in that every organization is unique with their unique requirements. In today’s world, technology acronyms and vastly divergent claims used by vendors regarding to claim superiority of their products, makes it hard for organizations to understand & decide what is best for them. We adopt a contextual approach towards defining solutions architecture. With our expertise in developing solutions based on several leading enterprise architecture standards, our decision to recommend a particular solution is based on client requirement, client organization structure, technology maturity, solution implementation timeline, development cost, maintenance cost and so forth.

Software Construction

When the actual time of writing code arrives, the quality of work done till this point in the development cycle begins to manifest itself. Depending on the scale of project, this phase could b anywhere from twenty per cent to eighty per cent of the resources involved. Our expertise in this area is based on optimal tool selection, utilization of component-ware to cut down on development time, rigorous development standards and conventions, peer code reviews. Most importantly, the developers staffing our teams have had industry acclaimed certifications in their respective areas of proficiencies which raises the breadth and depth on subject expertise so much.

Testing and QA

Test, Test and Test! We chant this mantra right from the word go in the software construction phase and pass on a good chunk of the responsibility of testing code to the developers themselves. We believe that rigorous unit testing is critical before the next stages of system testing and QA could resume. We have expertise in both black box and white box testing, as well as competencies in market leading testing automation tools. We believe making software with fewest numbers of bugs is an obligation we have to our customers.

System Deployment

Although with the advent of thin client based solutions, the usual hassles in deployment have been significantly reduced. The customary challenges thrown by this phase of development cycle cannot be overlooked. Our conformance to respective vendor's best practices and guidelines for optimal solutions development gives us a distinct edge in effective solutions deployment. We utilize cutting edge deployment technologies and tools based on this technology for deploying application in different environment.

Post Deployment Support

Relentless quest for customer satisfaction is no less than a core value to us. To stay in business, we can't compromise on it. We are committed to provide service and support to handle your post deployment servicing needs. We create a dedicated customer support teams based upon project size, budget and type. With our off-shore development location we can provide you round the clock customer support for your IT and User needs. In the project initial phase our project manager work with clients to create the Project Escalation Structure. We provide support through email, phone and online systems depending upon your needs.

Project Enhancements

It's our belief that with deployment of a software solution, we haven't come full way in the Custom Development process. Since the business environment in which operates is in a state of constant flux. The business and technology processes that are essential for you to achieve your objectives also need incremental changes and tweaks. We take away from you all the pains associated with version control management, component conformance to latest standards, software tool upgrades and so many other chores that would generally make software enhancement hassle full. Our project management team will finalize a Change Management Plan with you clearly defining the process, templates and tools to manage system enhancements.